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    By the way, this is one of the coolest in-studio views I’ve ever seen. Tango Gameworks sound designer, Masahiro Izumi, creates enemy noises through some interesting recordings. Definitely worth the watch.

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    It’s no Silent Hill, but it doesn’t need to be – The Evil Within [ Review ]

    The horror genre of gaming has been through one of the most incredible journeys. It’s been brought to life by masterminds; dragged through the dirt by some unfortunate sequels, rejuvenated by indie developers, and redesigned by some of its original handlers.

    Truly, there’s an overabundance of stand-alone horror games that have been developed lately by smaller studios and released for Steam. While titles like Outlast, Among the Sleep and Neverending Nightmares have helped progress the genre, survival horror fans like myself are a pretty needy bunch, and its been years since we’ve had a AAA title, let alone a new IP to sink our teeth into. Finally we can stop replaying Silent Hill 2 and Crimson Butterfly and step through the shattered glass of The Evil Within.

    The Evil Within is very heavily rooted in the Resident Evil style, which sounds right, considering it’s made by the mastermind Shinji Mikami. One particular area near the opening chapters could have been copy-and-pasted out of Resident Evil 4 (and still fits perfectly with the atmosphere of The Evil Within). But instead of a full aggressive approach, you’re forced to move carefully in order to dismantle bombs and traps. It also incorporates sneaking and strategy, which is a nice step back from hacking and slashing zombies. There are stealth kills and areas where staying out of sight is absolutely necessary.

    Hey, a little pinch of Metal Gear Solid covertness never hurt any game.

    For me, The Evil Within is about a lot more than being “scary.” I’m a horror game addict – weeks of Fatal Frames, Silent Hills and Dead Spaces have made me nearly immune to the typical “scary.” So while I’m sure The Evil Within is absolutely horrifying to the normal, sanity-gripped player, this game is about the resurgence of the horror franchise, which I believe it has achieved and surpassed.

    We live in a world where horror is classified by how many zombies are knocking at your door; how many notes you can collect before Slenderman gets you; and how many nights you can survive at Freddy’s. And while that’s all fine and good, we have moved so far away from the psychological horror we found in Silent Hill.

    Yes, I’m biased, I know, and I am not trying to get into a Resident Evil vs. Silent Hill debate here. Resident Evil is a phenomenal series that built up the horror genre. Where it went wrong was making it common.  Silent Hill took a different approach than the zombies and the horribly disfigured mutants. Being alone on the streets of Silent Hill made the player crazy, and a different crazy than raging because you ran out of ammo before that Shrieker went down. You didn’t know if you would be alone for an hour, or what was lurking just around the corner. The Evil Within has brought that back. 

    I’m not saying there are no enemies in The Evil Within – let me tell you, there are a shit ton. Actually, I’m writing this now because I needed a break from the horde of Haunted blocking my path. But while the areas that have enemies have a plethora, the areas that don’t have none. Or so you think. It brings back the natural fear of the unknown; you truly never know what will cross you path next. And it is beautiful.

    But you’ve got your regular horror game standards, of course. Ammo and health items are scarce, and so are hiding spots. Your only break from the real-life nightmare is the Safe Haven for ability upgrades, which in itself is a stretch of the words “safe” and “haven.” Although there’s no skill tree to drastically change the build of Sebastian, your upgrade choices are many and actual unlocks will be few, so some hard decisions will be made. And trust me, choosing the perk to sprint for an extra 2 seconds might not seem like a good choice now, but you’ll be sacrificing those health boost levels real quick.

    The Evil Within also does a fantastic job of hitting every damn phobia you could imagine. I have Automatonophobia – guess who gets to deal with a whole bunch of dolls and mannequins? Are you afraid of being chased through a hallway by a maniac with a chainsaw? We’ve got that too.  The Evil Within is a game that lingers with you after you’ve set down the controller; it makes you look at mirrors and closets differently, and maybe stay a few steps further from that motionless mannequin.

    One of the most beautiful things about this game is while it pulls bits and pieces from its predecessors, it’s not walking in anyone’s footsteps. This game makes its own trail and blends the best of several horror worlds into one creepy ball. I might swear by Silent Hill 4, but that certainly doesn’t mean I want a game exactly like it. At this point, survival horror has hit all of the notes on its out-of-tune piano. Now it’s all about finding new chords that haven’t been played in sequence yet. There was a strong chance of Shinji Mikami unintentionally crafting this game into a Resident Evil 4 version 2. Thankfully, what we got was an original and, dare I say, innovative take on survival horror.

    The Evil Within sets a fantastic building ground for the upcoming Silent Hills, and even future iterations of the long-standing horror series. The replay value is incredibly high, courtesy of achievements/trophies and the multiple difficulty levels. And finally, it’s a promise of that light we’ve seen shining under a locked door for years. Thanks to The Evil Within and Alien Isolation, AAA survival horror titles are in resurgence, and we have a hell of a lot to look forward to.

    The Evil Within is rated Mature.
    Developed by Tango Gameworks.

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    I’ve always loved Imagine Dragons, but this seals the deal. Such a great performance, and I adore that they are League lovers.

    Enjoy Imagine Dragons’ live performance of Warriors at the 2014 World Championships of League of Legends! And, a big congratulations to the holders of that glorious cup, Samsung White!

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    Slaughtered at Sundown? This is the Millennium at Sundown! #CedarPoint #MillenniumForce (at Millennium Force)

    Slaughtered at Sundown? This is the Millennium at Sundown! #CedarPoint #MillenniumForce (at Millennium Force)

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    beejyinfiji said: That what you called "rant" about who you would sit with (either Tobuscus or Markiplier) was really beautiful. You spoke so passionately and eloquently it truly was amazing to read. I hope all goes well for you :)

    Thank you so much for your kind words! Writing that piece and posting it publicly felt like a huge weight off my shoulders, and I have a great boost of empowerment and motivation.

    Positive feedback from people like you makes it even more powerful. Thank you.

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    My lovely interns. Finally I realize why I can’t get better from being sick. Its cuz I keep wearing my Ren Fest outfit at Slaughtered, and my very-breathable shirt doesn’t cover my stomach or shoulders!

    My lovely interns. Finally I realize why I can’t get better from being sick. Its cuz I keep wearing my Ren Fest outfit at Slaughtered, and my very-breathable shirt doesn’t cover my stomach or shoulders!

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    3 a.m. posts will probably become common.

    I may work an 89X event tonight until midnight, but I do plan on publishing a mid-completion personal review of The Evil Within for PS4. And it’s a horror game, and I am me, so it’ll be a pretty critical one.

    I promised. We’re doing this. 

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    Absolutely adore this shot of Zak. Ohhh the good old days of the early seasons of Ghost Adventures.

    Absolutely adore this shot of Zak. Ohhh the good old days of the early seasons of Ghost Adventures.

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    The dawn of a new day. Man I’m really emotional right now if FLCL is inspirational to me right now, huh.

    The dawn of a new day. Man I’m really emotional right now if FLCL is inspirational to me right now, huh.

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    Forgive my absence - Rant of Revelation

    Maybe I should put a disclaimer up front before I even start writing this, because I’m already emotional and I can already see this going downhill.

    About two years ago now, I was introduced to the world of Let’s Play on YouTube. My first YouTube love was Tobuscus, and his videos changed a lot of things about my life. Since 2008 I have been a University student (now a month away from a graduate), carried at least two jobs not including my freelance commissions, and have mentored a robotics team full time. Toby gave me something that my chaotic life had been desperately needing - momentary mental vacations. Toby’s ten minute MineCraft videos would give me the perfect amount of downtime I needed without interfering with my busy life. I could listen to Toby talk and laugh and yell while working on a project and time would fly by and I would be happy.

    This is when I learned to allow other people to help me through my projects and difficulties, even if it was in an indirect way.

    Two years later, my YouTube reliance has taken me to NateWantsToBattle, Dookieshed, PewDiePie and others, most being recommendations from my two media team kids. 

    Three weeks ago, while watching a Five Nights at Freddy’s video from NTWB, the top related video on my side bar was for the Five Nights at Freddy’s Lets Play from a user named Markiplier.

    I watched it, and for the first time since Tobuscus signed my heart, I fell in love with another YouTuber. So, his newest subscriber quickly found his horror game playlists and spent hours listening over coding streams and finishing my senior portfolio.

    Ironically, tonight, while working an 89X event for local bands in Westland, one of my interns, Joe, a fellow gamer and YouTube enthusiast, entertained my new Markiplier interest by asking me this question- “If Toby and Mark were each alone at separate tables with an open chair, who would you sit with?”

    Joe was in hysterics for the first 20 seconds I remained silent, deep in thought, and then quickly tended to me when he realized that this was a question I was having severe difficulty answering.

    Four hours later when the event ended, I still couldn’t answer the question. Now, at 3:46 a.m., I can.

    I am forever faithful to Tobuscus. His videos light up my day and Gryphon makes my heart melt. However, there are a few qualities about Markiplier that Toby doesn’t show as often.

    Toby changed my life, and tonight, Mark is about to, too.

    Tonight’s large pin “Your subscriptions” recommendation was a horror stand-alone Let’s Play episode from Markiplier called Ripest of Fears, a fan-made game. The game and Markiplier’s commentary came and went, and suddenly, Mark is near tears from a revelation while watching the fan’s compilation of Mark’s milestone and thank-you vlogs.

    Markiplier fought off his tears. I did not. This video and Mark’s reaction hit so close to home for me. I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason, and people come in and out of your life for a reason. This video was published over a year ago, but tonight was the time for me to watch this.

    "I’m really sorry that I lost track of it, I really am. I don’t know why I only just realized it now… I’m gonna change. I’m gonna make it better, okay? And that’s a promise, and I don’t go back on my promises. I’m not gonna forget again. I’m still learning here."

    This. Every word, every heartfelt pause and sincerity in each syllable. And while this promise from Markiplier was to his fans, my interpretation of this is to myself.

    Everyone is striving for a better tomorrow. But, you know, people get comfortable. And people take shit for granted. I’ve been comfortable at my jobs, even though it’s not entirely what I’d like to be doing. There are a lot of things I would like to change, or projects I’d like to finish, or a friend in Royal Oak and I’d to visit, but I keep lying to myself and finding other useless things to occupy my time. And while everything I do is creative and productive, there are other weights on my shoulders that I’ve left for a very, very long time.

    Somewhere, I lost my way. I don’t think it was long ago, maybe only a few months, but I’m in the dark far off my ideal path. How I got here, I’m not sure. All I know is that it’s not too late to fix this, and I have amazing friends who I can hear calling me back to the path.

    How many times have I posted a “I’m back for real this time!” claim to this site just to try to convince myself I was actually going to do something that time around? And the next day I’ve vanished again. Yes, reviews and journalistic pieces take time to write, but it takes five minutes to post my photo set from the weekend, or a coding problem I’ve faced. I keep letting myself slip and make excuses.

    So no more damn excuses. I’m not going to forget this time. I promise. I’m going to make this better. I have to make this better, for my own sanity. My own happiness.

    I have amazing friends and two amazing jobs that have turned into stepping stones for my career. I have worked hard to develop my design style and photography technique. I can’t stop working hard just because I’m now good at what I do. I can always be better. I’m happy, but I can’t imagine how much happier I can be if I really go for what’s in my heart.

    Obviously, Markiplier’s life is very different from mine. But the take-away here can be applied to anyone’s situation if they are ready to hear it and accept it. Maybe I wasn’t ready yesterday, but today, I am.

    So thank you, Mark. You might never read this, but right now, you are changing my life. And thank you to everyone who has, does, and continues to believe in me each day I try to improve myself. I have climbed mountains, but I still have much more to scale.

    So, Joe- I take the chair with Markiplier. And after hugging him with great gratitude and appreciation, I stand back up, because there’s no more time to sit.

    I have relit my torch.

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